Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let The Birthday Rumpus Start!!!

At first I thought I set myself up for failure this time. I wanted Tatyana to have her special day because she was turning 8, but I also wanted to keep the birthday parties somewhat together. Caleb and Alyssa would definitely have to share the same day.

We first had Alyssa's and Caleb's birthday party at Chuch E. Cheese's on the 23rd, and we had Tatyana's baptism followed by her birthday party on the 24th at our house.

It was a little stressful, I'll admit. But both parties went really well and I'm glad it's over. I just wish I had taken more pictures... With all the commotion of getting everything ready, I kinda slacked on pictures and taping.

My mom, as always, baked both cakes and they turned out wonderful! I couldn't have done it without her help! Thank you, mom!

Isn't this cake pretty cool? I love it!

We decided to go with a Diego/jungle theme because Caleb chose Diego and Alyssa loves animals. But for a long time Caleb kept saying that he wanted a Star Wars party at Carter's house. He really liked Carter's birthday party, Katie!

This is my niece Nikosha playing air hockey with Tatyana. They came from Idaho for both of the parties. Thanks, guys!!

Tatyana and me before the baptism.

Grandma Loftus and Bre also came for the baptism! You guys are great! Thank you so much!

Grandpa Neves baptized Tatyana. It was really special for all of us! Thanks, Grandpa!

Milee was baptized the same day and that made the baptism even more special! We love Milee and we were happy to share this day with her family!

This cake was beautiful! Thanks again, mom!!

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