Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Naughty or Nice?

This day in the mall they were definitely naughty! Having Caleb holding on to my legs for about fifteen minutes saying that he was starving and that he didn't want to go in the store, and having Alyssa make a scene on the top of the escalator because she wanted me and not my mom to hold her hand; those two things would most likely put those two on Santa's naughty list.

I just really felt bad for my mom that had to endure with me. Almost being accused of trying to steal a white, blue eyed child (Alyssa) during her "episode". She felt pretty uncomfortable when people started to ask her if that was her child, and because she doesn't speak English, she couldn't explain what was really going on. I wasn't anywhere near where they were, but I could hear the screams of "I want my mom!!". Tatyana tried to explain that my mom was Alyssa's grandma, but people were not buying it (due to the difference of skin color, hair, language spoken, and pretty much everything else).

The situation only settled down when I reached them. Caleb was still upset, but after a lot of talking, we were able to go on with our visit to the mall. For obvious reasons, I try not to do this very often. And when I do this, I always try to drag someone with me to share the embarrassing moments...

Too bad Santa doesn't really stick with his naughty list! He is a total sucker when it comes to these cute little guys!

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